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Recreational Vehicle Locks

Alberta Lock Solid has lots of ways to lock up your car, truck, RV, boat, trailer hitch, etc. We also carry a full line of heavy duty locking devices for skid steers, trailers, field offices etc. We are your Edmonton source for vehicle locking devices. We perform lock repair on R.V.s, boats, ATV’s and vehicle carriers such as Thule, Yakima and Sportrack, as well as truck canopies.


Automotive Chip Keys

Basic standard transponder keys start at $139.95 for most models.
Basic sidewinder transponder keys start at $189.95 for most models.

Alberta Lock Solid provides lock service for most makes and models of cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. We duplicate and originate transponder keys in our service centre, located on the south side of Edmonton.

Automotive Transponder Chip Keys Duplicated! Most Models. Call 780-479-5522 to enquire about your specific model.

  • Acura

  • Buick

  • Cadillac

  • Chevrolet

  • Chrysler

  • Daewoo

  • Dodge

  • Eagle

  • Ford

  • GMC

  • Honda

  • Hyundai

  • Infiniti

  • Jeep

  • Kia

  • Land Rover

  • Lexus

  • Lincoln

  • Mazda

  • Mercury

  • Mitsubishi

  • Nissan

  • Oldsmobile

  • Plymouth

  • Pontiac

  • Saab

  • Saturn

  • Scion

  • Subaru

  • Toyota

Window Bars & Grills

Window bars provide a strong visual deterrent to criminals. When they encounter a physical barrier to entry such as window bars, they are far more likely to leave the premises in search of easier targets. In most cases, you will never know you were being scoped out. If you are in the Edmonton region, drop into our showroom with your window measurements.

windowbarsx3 – Residential Products

Screen Doors, Patio Doors & Window

Screen doors, patio doors and windows take a lot of daily punishment. Parts are apt to break down or wear. Alberta Lock Solid has over 100 window and door parts in our Edmonton showroom and access to hundreds more. As well, our mobile technicians can repair screen doors, patio doors and windows on-site.

Commercial Products

Doors Repaired & Replaced

Alberta Lock Solid has been repairing commercial doors for businesses, stores and institutions in the Edmonton region for over a decade. If replacement is required, Lock Solid will measure, order and remove the old door and install the new one. We work with all types of medium and heavy gauge commercial doors; steel, aluminum, glass.

Door Frame Changes

Sometimes the door frame requires replacement due to damage, a change in door size or an upgrade in building code. Lock Solid will ensure that you get the right door frame and professional frame installation.


Frames and Doors Reinforced

Break-ins are in every neighborhood, and on the rise. You can minimize your chances of a break-in by reinforcing your doors on your business or home. Alberta Lock Solid has several solutions to door reinforcement, depending on your door, your needs and your budget. Some examples are; full-length astragals, blocker plates and grizzly bars.

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Custom Sized Commercial Doors

We carry standard sized commercial doors in stock. However, not all doors are standard size. Alberta Lock Solid will make the proper measurements, order in the correct sized door and install it professionally.

Sliding Grilles

Sliding storefront grilles suffer a lot of wear and tear. Hinges and frames are common problems. We work on storefront sliding grilles, shutters and rolling gates every day. Alberta Lock Solid provides service to many well-known national and international retailers.

Architectural Hardware

We supply and install all forms of commercial door hardware, for example; heavy duty door closers, panic devices, heavy duty mortice locks, TP trim, commercial knobs and handles.

Break-In Repairs

Break-ins occur in every neighbourhood, and they are on the rise in Edmonton. Alberta Lock Solid will arrive quickly and secure your property immediately. They will also be able to make the permanent repairs or replacements afterwards.

Fog Security


  • Create a security layer that will block access

  • Stop the criminals from progressing and accessing the liability

  • Protect staff and employees

  • Reduces the risk of loss by over 95%

The BANDIT Active Security Fog unit enables users and employees to actively protect their asset against burglaries, smash and grabs, robberies as well as attacks without hindering the appearance and operations of the protected facilities


SPEED BANDIT is the fastest security fogging device on the market with 28 cubic meters of fog per second (1000 cubic feet/second). Intruders are instantly stopped from entering or progressing in the protected area minimizing damage and loss.


BANDIT is the highest density security fogging device on the market. The dense and stable fog ejected acts as a shield and prevents access to asset and merchandise. The fog is harmless and safe to use in any environment.


BANDIT’s state of the art patented technology is supported by more than 25 years of R&D and improvement. European manufacturing paired with high quality components guarantee an outstanding reliability. Fully integrated, its continuous self-diagnostics reports status changes immediately.

Operational Cost

BANDIT offers a very low maintenance and running cost. The unit provides the possibility of multiple ejections without a technician’s intervention. The hermetically sealed fluid cartridges will last years and the automatic self-cleaning will guarantee optimal performances.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless Locks are the future of home security. They are convenient, stylish and secure. Never worry about forgetting your keys. Simply punch your code into the keypad and enter. Keyless locks allow you to change your combination at will. You won’t have to call a locksmith.

Alberta Lock Solid has a variety of battery operated and mechanical keyless door locks on display in our showroom, located on the south side of Edmonton.

Card Access

Alberta Lock Solid has more than 15 years of experience in sales and installation of Card Access Systems. We design and install these systems for a variety of corporate, governmental, and educational clients in the Edmonton region.

We have the ability to blend barrier security with electronic security, making your home or business undesirable to criminals.




Fire Safes for Documents

Your business documents are of utmost importance to your business. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace corporate documentation if it were lost in a fire or stolen. Personnel files must be kept safe and confidential, by law. New laws are in place in Canada in recent years to protect from identity theft. Corporate and identity theft are on the rise in Canada. Alberta Lock Solid is your Edmonton source for safes.

Benefits of Document Fire Safes

Protect confidential business papers from unauthorized viewing. Also protect your documents from fire, water, theft, sunlight, smoke, sabotage, humidity and vandalism.

If you do not have your documents stored in a fire-rated burglary safe, your company’s data is not sufficiently secured and protected from theft and natural disasters.

  • Burglary Safes

  • Data Safes

  • Gun Safes

  • Pistol Boxes

  • Wall Safes

  • Depository Safes

  • Floor Safes


  • Safes Opened

  • Safes Serviced

  • Combinations Changed




Alberta Lock Solid has one of the largest selections of padlocks in Edmonton. Combination padlocks, keyed padlocks, set-your-own combination padlocks. We carry high security padlocks that are resistant to bolt cutters and sawing. We also carry weather-resistant padlocks. We can supply groups of padlocks keyed alike or keyed different. We can key them up and ship them anywhere. Just give us a call and our knowledgeable technicians will gladly help you. We supply padlocks from Mul-T-Lock, Master, American, LSDA, Olympus and more.



Our Trusted Brands

The brands we carry specialize in high security products for both commercial and residential use.

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